As you all know Finest Detail Weddings & Events recently turned one and what a year it has been – topped of with me taking over the running of The Vintage Hen House in December.

The love for The Vintage Hen House has been fantastic and has meant my to do lists becoming that bit longer and my days feeling like they are over in just the blink of an eye. So, I made a little decision yesterday……

For the best part of this year, I have decided to focus on The Vintage Hen House in making it the ultimate go-to place for vintage and alternative hen parties.

Because I want it to be the best (it’s the perfectionist in me) I have decided to move my focus -for the time being – from Finest Detail Weddings & Events to focus more on The Vintage Hen House. I’ll still be here for any wedding/event related enquiries and you can still find me on the website at Finest Detail Weddings & Events.

I’ll be combining my Twitter accounts so my Twitter will now be @vintagehenhouse and my Facebook page will now be Tattybojangle’s Vintage Hen House.
Pop over and say ‘hi’.

Someone once told me not to spread yourself too thinly and do everything – for it not to be that great but instead focus on one thing, give it your all and make it amazing – and that’s just what I hope to do!

Claire xx